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Stop Smoking Now

Stop it/Smoking

Clean, fresh and easy…. Breathing


Have you asked yourself the following questions:-

  • Why you should quit smoking?
  • How would you quit smoking if you could?
  • Have you attempted to quit smoking but started again?
  • Have you asked yourself what damage smoking is doing to your health?
  • If you stop smoking, how would you benefit, money-wise, health-wise and socially-wise?
  • Imagine if you stop smoking, what would your health be in 5, 10, 15 or 20 years’ time?
  • Imagine if you did not stop smoking, what condition would you be in 5, 10, 15 or 20 years’ time?
  • If you do not stop smoking, will you enjoy yourself and experience a healthy life?
  • If you stop smoking, how much money would you save?

We at Maxima Coaching, can assist you to stop smoking through NLP coaching and strategies, combining that with hypnotherapy, giving you the maximum chances of stop smoking so that you will stop smoking and be a non-smoker.

No doubt you may have tried to stop smoking in the past but there were many reasons why you did not stop or why you restarted.

Smoking is completely useless, you might wonder why you started smoking in the first place. When you stop smoking, you will be congruent with yourself to have a clean, easy, fresh breathing body and regaining your health back for which you will be in control, not your habits, not the nicotine, not your past conditioning and not what made you take up smoking in the first place.

Once you were a smoke free person, you were a non-smoker and you did not crave cigarettes. Whatever your environment, your influence, pressures on you or your peer group that make you started smoking, will be all irrelevant to you once you stop smoking.

We at Maxima Coaching can assist you with hypnotherapy and NLP strategies to make you stop smoking easily, effortlessly and successfully.

Are you in the stage where you have had enough of smoking, you have said to yourself “ I must stop it ” or “ I just have had enough ” because of your health and also secondary the money that is costing you?

Some of the effects on your body/health/finance, now and in the future that will most likely happen if you continue smoking, these are:-

  • Eye damage.
  • Artery damage. Tobacco can reuse the bloods ability to carry oxygen to other parts of your body including blood clots and other causes.
  • Lung damage . Smoking is seen as a major cause of lung cancer and affects other parts of the body, such as oesophagus, pharynx, pancreas, bladder, stomach and others.
  • Mouth damage . Your breathing and your ability to carry oxygen into your blood stream.
  • and many others

Cigarette smoke contains over 4000 chemicals , many of which are harmful to your health. You might wonder why there is warning on cigarette packet which the government states that the warning must be on each packet that tobacco is toxic and can kill you.

All currently available tobacco products that are smoked deliver substantial amounts of toxic chemicals to their users and those who breathe their smoke. See government webpage for graphic warnings on the packet: such as, Smoking Kills and other graphic warnings.

What more can make you understand that smoking can kill you and it does not kill you, it ruins your health and your life, and makes you waste money for no good reason at all, you may just as well burn that money rather than go and buy cigarette with it, you will be better off because your health would not suffer.

There are many other side effects of smoking that you aware of and you heard other people discussing it or saw people suffering from other side effects.

Just imagine if you stop smoking and take control of your life, health and your money.

So stop it/smoking now and for assistance, ring Dominic on 0410 410 356 at Maxima Coaching .