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Testimonials & Recommendations

We are grateful for the clients to have forwarded their testimonials or recommendations for our services and would like to share them with our readers. For the original testimonial, where the clients have entered it in google review, you may access that by searching Maxima Coaching and on the right hand side of the page, you will see an insert of Maxima Coaching where you may view the testimonial published by our client.

Briana McF

I had a truly enlightening experience with Dominic, we were  able to get to the true root of my dreams and ambitions and I have not looked back!

Would highly recommend Maxima Coaching for any and all professional goal setting.

Thank you Dominic! You made the process easy and meaningful!


(January 2019 - For original testimonial, see Google Reviews for Maxima Coaching)


Kristin Mitchell

I went to see Dominic for insomnia that I had been suffering from for 9 months,.  After 2 sessions I couldn't believe that I started to sleep a lot better.  His kind, caring nature enabled me to feel very relaxed during the sessions.  I would highly recommend hypnotherapy with Dominic. It changed my life and gave me back the gift of sleep.

(January 2019 - For original testimonial, see Google Reviews for Maxima Coaching)

From Sam

Dear Dominic,

I want to thank you most sincerely for the time, skill,care and patience that you have shown me for a number of months in relation to some personal issues that I have personally endured.

When I first approached you, I outlined to you the many ailments that were affecting me: asthma, depression, anxiety and stress. These ailments were deep rooted in me and I came to accept them as being part of my personality and make up.

However, through your skill and competence, you have shown me how to deal with them.

Particularly in relation to my stress and anxiety levels, you have shown me "how to step back" from the situations that gave rise to the stress and anxiety. You taught me to look at events differently, how to relax and be calm. Whilst stressful events still occur in my professional and private life, I remain positive in dealing with those events now. My mind no longer focuses on the "negatives" that are usually associated with stress and strain.

Dominic, I have you to thank most sincerely for the changed attitude and outlook on life that I now have.

Sam from Greensborough

4 September 2017

From Kathy

Dear Dominic,

I am delighted to be able to give you this testimonial which you may publish in your web-page and marketing material.

I was interested in improving my life in the area of self-confidence and public speaking. I met Dominic at a function and I decided that I would attend a coaching session with him.

He was a very helpful and enthusiastic coach and a mentor during the time that I saw him. He always took a personal interest in me and focus on achieving my goals.

I found his session greatly increased my confidence and public speaking. The coaching that I received enhanced all the areas of my life. I feel a much better person enable to do enjoy in doing things with full of confidence. I highly recommend Dominic for any NLP coaching and hypnotherapy because I am sure he will be of great help to anybody that he coaches.

Kathy from Docklands

5 June 2017

From Marienne

Dear Dominic,

I would like to express my gratitude for your Kind and Genuine support I have received from the time I have met you. Seeing me through and supporting me with some very challenging times in my life.

Your professionalism and coaching mentoring has been outstanding.

I loved your enthusiasm and positive spirit that would lift me up and make me feel better each and every time i would visit. I found myself in the presence of a wonderful Hypnotherapist and coach with vast knowledge in the field as a Therapist.

Thank you for helping me overcome the anxiety that was present in my life due to my PTSD that I have suffered for some time now.

It's just amazing how Hypnotherapy has helped me change into a more positive person and overcome the challenges of being anxious and negative all the time. I used to feel so overwhelmed with everything in my life and you have enabled me to overcome my symptoms and see things more clearly and to truly appreciate  life for what it is. I feel so much better about my life now and the path ahead of me.

As a result of your personalized care and continues support I feel like a different person. Everyone around me have noticed the changes in me.  All the things that used to upset me and bring me down have no power over me anymore.  I am more in control of my life with so much more confident and feel happier than I have ever been.

Dominic I highly recommend you and your services to anyone that wants to excel and change their lives for the better. You're a great therapist and a wonderful coach. Your very effective and very good at what you do.

Thank you so much for help.

Marienne from  Bellarine Peninsula Victoria

From Branko

Dear Dominic

Please find my testimonial below,

Your NLP coaching has been a huge benefit to me. Having gone through very tough times in my life I turned to NLP and Dominic to assist me. A very personal and down to earth approach was exactly what I needed. Dominic showed tremendous empathy to me and this has been invaluable in my personal journey. I'm still attending regularly and with every session I move closer to my goal. It has been fantastic and I highly recommend Dominic, as I am sure that it will change your life!

Kindest regards

Branko from Melbourne. Victoria.

5 June 2017

From Iris

Dominic, thank you for giving me step-by-step guidance on how to improve my communication skills and build my confidence in everyday life.


12 June 2017

From Harry

Dear Dominic,

First of all, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to coach me. Your business coaching has enabled me to have a mind shift in certain area of my business. I have noticed the changes through your coaching period and the telephone conversations. NLP coaching has been a definite benefit to in how I see things and how to approach customers, staffs and other business associates. I have never heard of NLP coaching but now I understand that it can change a person’s perspective towards business in a very short time.

For anyone out there that requires any business coaching, I have no hesitation in recommending Dominic Varrasso. Once again, thank you Dominic.

Harry from Oakleigh